Monday, April 28, 2008

I've been tagged..

I've been tagged by Kiri and Chibi. Actually Im really lazy for this... ^^;


Rules :

- each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves

- bloggers tagged need to write on their on blog about their ten things and post the rules.

- at the end of your blog you need to choose 10 people you`re going to tag and list their names.

- dont forget to comment on their site that they`re tagged


1. I love manga, anime, and J-dorama

2. I love making friends!!

3. I love learning about languages, so please teach me some languages! hehe...

4. My friends say Im calm, but actually I can be very talkative, especially when Im talking about my favorite things ^^

5. Im moody

6. Im very lazy to do many things, except my favorite things ^^;;;

7. I love writing and reading!

8. I admiring Adachi Osamu so much

9. I think seiyuu are very cool and I wanna be one of them! Hihihi...

10. I hate a liar, but if someone lie to me, I'll forgive them if they tell me the truth.


well, I'll tag:














  1. Uda ya, nyaa~?
    hihihi... yawdalah ;p

  2. maap, ntuh yang dimaksud Yuujin tuh saiia?? *lemoth*

  3. maklumlah Yuujin kan eman9 lemot XDD
    *dilempar ke kamar Dori*

  4. Ngarep banget. Klo dilempar ke kamar Shiroro gmn?

  5. o9ah!!9a mau mati muda 9ara2 diinjek kuda spanyol XDD

  6. tnang.. ga diinjek ko.. palingan ditendang.. :P

  7. sumpah la9i stres nih, males pulan9

    numpn9 nyampah XDD

  8. Ohhh.. saiiaaa...
    udah saiia kerjain tuh, hehehehehe..

    saiia emank rada lemot.. hahahahahaha..
    *lempar Chibi ke kandang kuda*

  9. enak aja!!!!

    *lempar Yuujin ke kamar raja BL*

  10. raja BL???
    SaiTaku kahh??

    *lempar Chibi ke kamar Kabaji*

  11. o9aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh..........

    *bunuh Kabaji ma Yuujin pake Zanpakuto*

    udah ah,, kasihan tante ru!!

  12. iyaaa....
    koq qta jadi nge-spam yahhh...
    *ditendang Ru*

    hahahahaha, maap~

  13. Oi,oi! Sjak kapan kamu panggil aku tante lagi?

    Yuujin>> gpp jg sih.. ;p

  14. *ikutan tendang yuujin k lemari chitose* Xp