Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adaachiiiiinnn.... Okaeri!!!! XDDD

I got a really good news!!

Adaachin will re-joining D-boys!! XDDD

It seems he took a break because he must prepare to entrance exam to university (and he passed it!). That's very great!!

I got this infromation from d-boys community in livejournal and Im sure it's right because when I checked his blog (which is still empty), we can see logo of D-boys there (usually just watanabe entertainment). XDDD

Nyaa~ Okaeri Adaachin....


  1. Hontou??????!!!!!!
    hwaa, tanoshii >_<~

  2. trnyata ochan gak knapa2,,,,,
    *ditendang neechan*

  3. ahh.. yokatta na ruru senpai..^^
    gud then...... finally D-boys lengkap sudah hahaha...

  4. Yup, yupz!!
    It's really true!!
    Im sure because there's a logo of D-boys on his page. But I don't know why his blog haven't show in D-boys official website. Maybe because it still empty???